Get A Free Honda Car When You Purchase A House

Are you newly weds? Looking for a good deal? We have good news for you! When you purchase a property with Edgeprop, you stand a chance to win a brand new Honda City car! And if you are newlyweds, what’s better than getting a new house AND a new car? Though if you are having... View Article

Are you newly weds? Looking for a good deal? We have good news for you! When you purchase a property with Edgeprop, you stand a chance to win a brand new Honda City car! And if you are newlyweds, what’s better than getting a new house AND a new car? Though if you are having a dilemma whether to purchase a property or not, we have written an article on why buying a house is a good decision to make before you tie the knot.

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Are you about to tie the knot? You must be really in love right now to consider living with someone for the rest of your life. however, the world we live in is not as easy as it used to be before. If you are not that financially well-off while you are still alone, do you think you will be once you get a wife and future kids? I am just making real talk here. You see, when you are too in love, you tend to become blind and deaf. At the same time, you also tend to miscalculate. Everything is colorful and easy for you like you think you can conquer everything once you will be with the woman you love.

However, being married for years already, I know that what you feel right now can pass as well. Of course, I am not telling you that you might fall out of love later on as there is still what they call true love. Nevertheless, if you really love that someone, shouldn’t you make sure that she will not have a hard time later on? Don’t you want to offer her something tangible like a house and not just some verbal promises? I am pretty sure her parents will respect you more seeing that you have a house prepared before jumping to something more serious.

That is right as getting married is a big hurdle. A lot of financial burdens will start to emerge. You will then have kids to send to school to and more. So, while you are still alone, you still don’t have that many financial responsibilities, why not buy a house first and married after that? It is a more plausible idea, right? Besides, you will have a lot of time living with your wife and future kids later then.

Before you reject this idea, here are some really good reasons why buying a house before getting married should be considered a must:

1. You can decide alone

Yes, you love the person you about to marry. But then again, you really don’t know yet if she will just make you the decision-maker or you have to argue about everything first. While you are still on your own, if you think you can afford to start buying a house, then why not? Besides, your future wife will surely be glad to know if you have a house on your own to move into after you are married, especially if it’s at marc residence KLCC or Verve Suites KLCC!

2. You will be loved by your in-laws

This is so true! If you will have a house prepared for your future bride, you will not have a hard time asking her hands from her parents. In fact, they will be too eager to accept you for sure, not only because of the fact that you have a house already, but also because it will mean that you are a responsible person. They will surely entrust the life of her daughter to you. You see, every parent will prefer it if they will be with their kids longer. However, they can’t stop any of them to start living on their own but still would prefer it if each of them will be in good hands. On that aspect, you already show them that their daughter is.

3. Living independently

If you don’t have your own house yet and you will get married right away, chances are you will be living with your parents, which I am sure, your wife will feel awkward. There is also a good chance, you will be living with your in-laws in which I am pretty sure, you won’t like as well. Yes, you can always rent, but then again, why do that if you have the option to buy property marc residence? If you choose to buy property Marc Residence, you will own the full equity of the house after a number of years, which is not the case, if you just rent one. You can head over to this website for the many types of properties made available. No matter how long you are going to rent, the fact remains that you are just renting somebody’s apartment and it will never be yours.

4. More comfortable living

Yes, you might shell out more money than if you rent. However, even if you get married after starting to buy the property, even if you have not fully paid it yet, you can still live more comfortably than if you rent one. The reason is because, you will be more content. You can manage your finances properly as well as there is no chance of raising the monthly mortgage which is not the same when renting. If you were to buy property verve suites mont kiara, you will be ensured that you will just have to pay a one-time fee. So if you are hesitating whether to buy property verve suites, you don’t have to think twice now.

So, before you ask the hands of your girlfriend marry, make sure that you have a house of your own already, even if it is still not fully paid. At least, you can move into it right after your marriage.